We know that you are eager to discover everything on our website, but please take the time to read our code of conduct before rushing into the Wyylde universe, it outlines the basic rules that apply to all our members.

A brief treaty about consent on Wyylde

Consent, n.: Consent occurs when one person voluntarily accepts the proposal or desires of another. It is a common language term, with specific definitions used in areas such as law, medicine, research, and sexual relationships.

In 2022, there is no longer any debate about the validity of the term and everyone should incorporate it into their daily lives. At Wyylde, we make it a priority to ensure that all our members are informed about the subject and can discuss it with each other and with the website's teams.

The Wyylde trifecta: Freedom - Respect - Kindness

Our mission today is to offer you a secure and free expression space, to allow you to meet without judgment. A safe haven, no matter where you come from or where you are.

The concept of consent mentioned above is essentialand we will not tolerate any deviation from this rule. The same goes for sexual practices: no one shares or experiences them in the same way. Here, everyone is free to live their fantasies and desires without being judged by others. Any breach of these principles will be sanctioned by our customer service.

Overall, the basic rules of conduct are required: respect members as you do in daily life, if you don’t respect people in real life, you have nothing to do on Wyylde.

You are all responsible for this precious balance that makes Wyylde a free and open-minded social network. We thank all of you, those who have been playing the game since the beginning, for your understanding and your sympathy. It is thanks to yourcooperation that we can answer your questions more efficiently. This collective solidarity also allows us to avoid sometimes disastrous situations, so we count on you to perpetuate it in the years to come.

Some tips to create your profile on Wyylde

The status

Make sure you are honest when you choose your status: misleading profiles are reported by members and lead to the modification of the status by the moderators or to the suspension of the profile, followed by a certification request.

Some details on status:

If you are essentially meeting in pairs, participating in pairs, or one is just present without participating, you are a couple. By couple we mean a duo for meeting purposes, so if you are single but only meet with a partner present, you are considered a couple on Wyylde. On the other hand, if you are a couple in life, but you use Wyylde exclusively for chatting and meeting alone, you can't use a couple profile.

Your description

Share with other members your desires, your values, your taboos, or your favorite ice cream flavor. We advise you to take particular care in writing your description, avoiding spelling mistakes, abbreviations or texting language. #notsexyatall

Your profile is intended for meetings, and is in in no way an advertising space (apartment rental, store, online store, massages, decoration, philately). Want to promote your activity? You can create a dedicated page to do so.

Your ad is not the place to settle conflicts with other members, this type of display will be deleted or even sanctioned.

You have enough opportunities to get upset every day, on Wyylde you are here to have fun!

Also forbidden: e-mail addresses, phone numbers, URLs (whatever they are), or mention of other sites (e.g.: "I don't have a subscription anymore, find me on *insert the name of a lame site*").

Your pictures!

A photo taken from an image bank will certainly be of better quality than a selfie, but we prefer to see you publish a real picture of yourself rather than a profile with cropped photos (and we imagine that you do too). Be creative, present your universe, and above all be original to stand out!

We (strongly) encourage you to keep your anatomical photos for albums (and not for presentation pictures). We think that you can give a softer first image as a profile picture than the one of your sex! For your personal photos (uncovered face, nudity) you have the possibility to make a private album

Are forbidden: logos and photo theft because not only it's not cool but it's also punished by the law (articles 226-1 and 226-8 of the penal code).

Never forget that you are responsible for the pictures you publish on Wyylde (and on the internet in general).

Some tips for your first contact

On Wyylde

Avoid at all costs copies/pastes that are immediately detected and considered disrespectful because impersonal.

A personalized first approach is so much more pleasant! Without going as far as writing a novel, a little authenticity is appreciated.

You should also know how to accept a silence, a refusal and show patience (you may receive a late answer or maybe never, but this is no reason to get angry). On the other hand, if the person you are talking to is not to your liking physically, move on rather than letting them know loud and clear, every human being is different and body-shaming has no place here.

The Wyylde community is very invested, an insulting member, reported repeatedly, will be suspended (by the feet).

  • We make no distinction between subscribers, non-subscribers, recently registered or older members : if the community feels that you are not following the rules, you may be banned.
  • Ask for your interlocutor's agreement before opening your private album.
  • If you like dirty talk, know that this is not the case for everyone, learn to discover the desires of the people with whom you exchange before imposing yours.
  • If you encounter a problem on Wyylde, you can report unwanted content by using the link "report" in the messaging system or on the profiles. You can also contact our customer service directly via the "Support" tab.

The dates

Beyond the reminder of our values mentioned above, here are some essential rules for a successful date :

  • Choose a public space for a first meeting, whether you are alone or accompanied.
  • If your contact insists on going to their home and you do not feel comfortable, end the date.
  • Don't hesitate to share your whereabouts with people you trust.
  • If you are meeting alone, make sure you are capable of leaving the date (under the influence of alcohol/drugs/without transportation).

After one or more dates, you want to go further? Great!

But let's remember some basic rules:

  • The use of condoms and dental dams is essential.
  • Get tested regularly : keep yourself up to date as much as possible, for others and for yourself.
  • Consent, forever and always : silence is not acceptance. Verbally ask if you have the right to do this or that, and don't hesitate to stop if you have any doubts about your partner(s)' comfort levels.
  • Also, if you are not comfortable, stop the ongoing practice. There is no wrong time to say "stop".

Sexual consent is the agreement that people give to each other for sexual activity to take place between them. It can be withdrawn at any time during the encounter. A sexual act done without mutual consent is considered rape or sexual assault, depending on the nature of the offenses. In the event that this happens, we strongly urge you to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities, so that we can collaborate with them via a legal requisition and we will accompany you as best we can in this process. As a member of the PHAROS platform, we report any suspicion of sexual assault or rape while protecting the victim's anonymity 100%.

If you have any questions about the use of Wyylde, geopolitics, or if you want to share your apple pie recipe, please feel free to contact us via the "support" section. It will always be a pleasure to answer you.

That's it!Have fun

The Wyylde Team