The elementary rules
to Holala! 📖

Before diving headfirst into the
Wyylde world, we recommend you check our
Code of Conduct where you’ll find the
basic rules to apply for the well-being of all.

respect, freedom, kindness and consent

Our Values: Freedom, Respect,
Kindness, Consent
(and four-cheese pizza 🍕)

Our mission today? To grant you access to a space in which you can feel free to express yourself and meet others without feeling judged. Enter a bubble where you can be yourself, wherever you come from.

Remember: Consent is obligatory, non-negotiable; no exceptions will be tolerated.

All sexual practices may not be shared and experienced by all in the same way:
Wyylde members have the right to be comfortable with their fantasies and desires, without being subject to anyone else’s judgement.

We expect you to be as well-mannered as you would be in your everyday life. If you are disrespectful in your everyday life, Wyylde isn’t the right place for you.

Each and every one of you is responsible for maintaining the prized balance that makes Wyylde a free and open-minded social network.

improve your profile

A few bits of advice when creating
your Wyylde profile

Your Status

Be honest when choosing your status (couple, man, woman, transgender): any misleading representation will be notified to us by our members and will result in a modification of your status by the moderator. In addition, this may lead to suspension of your account followed by a certification request.

Status guidelines:

If you generally bring a partner to dates, whether they participate actively or not, your status is "couple".
By couple , we mean a duo in the dating context, furthermore, if you are single, but you bring a partner to dates, you are considered a couple on Wyylde.
If you have a partner, but you chat and date alone on Wyylde, then your status is "single".

Your description

Share your desires, values, taboos and even your fav ice cream flavour.
We recommend you pay special attention to the writing of your description, avoiding spelling mistakes, abbreviations, and text language #cosiznothot.

Your ad is for dating, and shouldn’t be used for business advertisement (flat rental, shop, online sales, massages, decorating, stamp collecting). If you want to promote your business, you can do so by creating a dedicated web page.

Your ad shouldn’t be used to settle scores with other users, such content will be deleted and possibly sanctioned.

The world will give you enough opportunities to get angry, remember you’re here to have fun!

We also forbid the posting of email addresses, phone numbers and URLs, or mentioning other websites (eg. "I’ve dropped my subscription, you can find me on *insert name of crappy website*").

Your pictures!

A picture taken from an image bank will obviously be of better quality than a selfie, nevertheless, we prefer you to post real pictures of yourself, and we’re confident you prefer seeing real pictures of other members, too.

Be creative and original to stand out from the crowd, try as much as possible to introduce your world.

We (highly!) recommend you keep your graphic anatomical pictures for your albums (and not as your presentation pic). We think you should use a softer pic for your first introduction than one of your private parts! You have the possibility to make an album private when you wish to share more personal pictures (nudes, uncovered face ...)

It is forbidden to post logos and to steal pictures: not only is it totally uncool, it’s also punishable by law (penal code, articles 226-1 et 226-8).

Never forget that you are responsible for the pictures that you post on Wyylde (and more globally, on the internet).

from chatting to meeting

Some Dating Advice

On Wyylde

Avoid copy and pasting: this is immediately obvious, isn’t well received and is considered disrespectful and entirely impersonal.

A personalized approach is much better. You needn’t write a book, but authenticity is always appreciated.
Learn to accept a ‘no response’ or being turned down with grace. Be patient; you might receive an answer later or never, but it’s not a reason to lose it.

The Wyylde community is very loyal, a member that is repeatedly offensive will be flagged, then suspended.

  • Whatever your status (with or without subscription, a recent or older member), if the community judges that you aren’t playing by the rules, you could be excluded.
  • Be prepared to share your album if you expect the person you’re talking with to do likewise.
  • Make sure the person you’re conversing with likes crude language as much as you do before using it. In general, its best to discover and respect other people's desires before imposing your own.
  • If ever you encounter a problem on Wyylde, you can use the “unsuitable content” link on the messaging or profile pages to notify us of problem posts.


In addition to the values described above, here are a couple of essential rules to make sure your dates go as well as possible:

  • Whether alone or accompanied, favour a public place for a first encounter.
  • If your date is pressuring you into going to their home, but you don’t feel comfortable, put an end to the rendezvous.
  • Don’t hesitate to inform a trustworthy friend of your whereabouts.
  • If you are meeting someone alone, make sure you remain in a fit state to leave if necessary (unaffected by alcohol or drugs and with a ready means of transport).

After one or more dates, you are planning to Holala? Great!

Here are nevertheless some basic rules:

  • No Holala without a condom
  • Have yourself tested for STDs as regularly as necessary, for your own health and that of your partners.
  • Consent, once more: silence doesn’t count as acceptance. Ask verbally if you are allowed to do such and such gesture, and don’t hesitate to stop what you are doing if ever in doubt about your partners’ ease.
  • If ever you aren’t feeling at ease yourself, interrupt the action: it’s never too late to say ‘stop’.

If there are questions that you’d like to ask us about using Wyylde, geopolitics, or your apple pie recipe, you can do so in the ‘contact us’ section, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

That’s all, folks!
Have fun! 🥰

The Wyylde Team

Credits drawing: Léa Binda